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A filter can be created regarding some criteria (classification, updates id, products etc.).

Then updates can be added to a package and can be deployed. Then managed servers install updates in their maintenance period.

Such as WSUS, packages can be created regarding to classification, products, languages of the update (this is not an exhaustive list).

Once these updates packages is created, it can be deployed with SCCM and use its powerful scheduler: Regarding the storage part, when WSUS is added to SCCM, it no longer stores the binary files on its own store. However WSUS still needs a database to store update catalog.

5.0 (Thanks to "harry") - Update Generator script will now use default text editor for displaying download log file (Thanks to "bpit") - Do script will now signal errors by setting environment variable ERROR_OCCURRED (Thanks to "sklaes") - Fix: Determination of 'Windows Update' service state could fail due to language dependent output of service control utility (Thanks to "georgeman", "Dalai" and "aker") - Fix: Added missing Outlook 2007 Security Update kb4011110 (September 2017) - Fix: Added missing Outlook 2016 Security Update kb4011052 (July 2017) (Thanks to "arturk77") - Fix: Replaced superseded Office 2007 Security Update kb3118304 (June 2017) by kb3213646 (September 2017) - Fix: Replaced superseded Outlook 2010 Security Update kb2956078 (July 2017) by kb4011089 (September 2017) - Fix: Replaced superseded Office 2010 Security Update kb3203461 (June 2017) by kb3213626 (September 2017) - Fix: Replaced superseded Office 2013 Security Update kb3203392 (June 2017) by kb3213564 (September 2017) - Fix: Replaced superseded Skype for Business 2015 Security Update kb3191937 (June 2017) by kb3213568 (September 2017) - Fix: Replaced superseded Skype for Business 2015 Security Update kb3191939 (June 2017) by kb4011107 (September 2017) - Fix: Replaced superseded Office 2016 Security Update kb3203383 (June 2017) by kb3213551 (September 2017) - Fix: Replaced superseded Skype for Business 2016 Security Update kb3203382 (June 2017) by kb4011040 (September 2017) - NOTE: This is an extended support release for older platforms only (Windows XP, Server 2003, Vista and 8) - NOTE: Don't mix this release with recent versions (10.x or newer).

We have a WSUS server running on Windows Server 2016.

The package creation can be scheduled (such as every second Tuesday of each month) and the choice of updates is made in function of some criteria (classification, updates id, products etc.).

Once the package is created, it is automatically deployed in function of scheduling configuration.

WSUS will detect but not send updates to any of the 2016 servers.

This method is very useful on complex environment such as Exchange or Hyper-V cluster where patching should be orchestrated (move Virtual Machines or databases before patching etc.).

The package can be used with System Center Orchestrator to be deployed and orchestrate patching.

Moreover the Cluster-Aware Updating is not compatible with software update from SCCM.

An Orchestrator runbook should be created for this task.

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