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The other agent later reappeared - it was Hank, who has been tampering with Jeremiah's files ever since.

When an earthquake hits while Kara is without her powers, Winn helps restore telecommunications to the Cat Co offices, earning the notice of Cat, who asks him to hook up a live feed so she can send a positive message of hope to the city.

Later Winn meets with Alex and Kara to reveal that Jeremiah was one of two agents who went missing, presumed dead, while tracking down an alien in South America.That night at Cat's launch party, Winn covered for Kara's late arrival, asking her to dance in lieu of any reward — though James cuts in when he arrives.During Reactron's attack, Winn was almost crushed by a falling support beam, but was saved by Kara. reports of a bomb at the airport, heading to the train and saving everyone aboard except the bomber.Winn tried to downplay the importance of Maxwell Lord's public criticism of Supergirl, despite Lord being Winn's personal hero.Winn was surprised when Kara revealed that James Olsen also knew her secret identity, but accepted that she'd need both of their help to prove to everyone that she knew what she was doing.

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Before this potentially damaging revelation is made public, with the help of James and Lucy, Winn figures out a way to get legally admissible evidence proving the leak came from the Chair of the Cat Co board.

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