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Well here’s a sneak peak into courtship during the Victorian Era, Once the girls had been taught how to ride side saddle, prepare tea, understand table arrangements for aristocracy, throw a ball, sew a button and be an amazing wife to their future hardworking husbands, they set out to find said husbands.

Improvements in infrastructure meant that cities had lots of great things to do on a date.

The Steps of the Process During the Victorian Era, the process usually began with a man and a woman seeing one another.

With more freedom of movement came more opportunities to meet, whether at parties or at less formal social gatherings.

This ceremony was called a ‘Coming Out’, basically it was a formal introduction of these young débutantes to society.

This is when they were allowed to attend balls and social gatherings which usually took place during ‘Season’, which was what the 3 months of husband-wife hunting was called in London.

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