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Guru Nanak said God is omnipresent and visible everywhere to the spiritually awakened. He stressed that God must be seen from heart of a human being; meaning devotees must meditate in order to progress towards enlightenment. Sikhism though makes it very clear that they too deny the Hindu concept of God, and demi gods. Guru Nanak taught that salvation does not mean entering paradise after a last judgment, but a union and absorption into God, sometimes referred to as the True Name. Sikhism is essentially a monotheistic religion and for that reason it has more in common with Islam then either Hinduism or Buddhism, however, as we will discover, there are glaring differences in the concept of God and in the basic belief system.

In the large gudwaras, where services are offered throughout the day Kara pashard is distributed as worshippers either enter or leave the building.

Sikhism adds a very specific definition to the word guru - the descent of divine guidance to humankind through the ten enlightened ones. The Kara is a steel bracelet worn on the right wrist (unless the wearer is left-handed).

The establishment of the Sikh religion began with Guru Nanak in 1469; the divine spirit was passed through each guru. The circle of the bracelet is a symbol of God and unity, and the steel symbolises strength and fighting for right.

I shall follow the path of God." Guru Nanak and those who followed him rejected the Hindu caste system and went to great lengths to eradicate it from their thinking.

Because the caste system was, at one time identifiable by surname, all male Sikhs use the name Singh, meaning lion, and the women the name Saur, meaning princess. Unlike most other religions, Sikhs wear the five articles of their faith. Kesh, un cut hair kept very clean and considered to be God given.

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Nine enlightened men followed Guru Nanak and together they became known as the ten gurus. Kangha, a small wooden comb to keep the hair tidy and act as a reminder to keep well ordered lives. It signifies honour, dignity, bravery and the Sikh duty to defend the weak and oppressed, and uphold truth.

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