Remeron more sedating at lower doses

I haven't had any side affects at all, none that ive noticed!

It took about 6-8 weeks to really feel 'better' but if I'm honest i started to feel less desperate after about 2-3 weeks!

Doctor tried me on cipralex again which caused severe anxiety so he tried amitriptyline which depleted my seritonin levels and has left me quite depressed!

I cry all the time at moment as well as being so weak xx I started taking 15mg Mirtazipine about 2 years ago!

Please do keep posting here for support, we would love to hear back from you. Because of my bad health at the moment they have been getting up in the morning and doing night shifts with my baby who is 15months.

The doctor is testing me for adrenal exhaustion or failing that they will refer me to the ME clinic.

I realise I've already asked quite a few questions so will leave it there for now, but I would just like to link you to our page on self help exercises as they can be very successful in halting anxiety, even if only for a short period of time.

I have also had continuous stress from my partner and family with us all living together. Day three apart from feeling a bit out of it and questioning my sanity I thought I was doing well on the 7.5mg but is tbe dizzy cloudy thing normal?

This as well as having a young baby to care for on top of stress from other family members has bound to have taken it's toll on you.

Your mum sounds fantastic so do keep leaning on her; as well as the care of the baby, does she have an understanding of how you're feeling at the moment - are you able to talk to her? It seems quite unreasonable given you were simply late for lunch. Please do post again, we would like to offer our continued support Hi Michelle Feeling better today. My partner has been brilliant and after a long chat that night I discovered he had a melt down too from no sleep with being up with baby, which bless him he has been doing for a while so I can try get some energies back as I didn't say I am also recovering from glandular fever xx my little rant hasn't covered half of what we've been through so as a couple we must be suited to go through what we have.

CBT can be very effective in managing anxiety and low mood, how do you feel the sessions are going Tootsy? Both my mum and partner are very aware of my situation and I am lucky I have their support.

I am seeing the doctor tomorrow to check med dosage.

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I currently take 60mg which is a whacking dose and the only side effect I have is it makes me feel more sleepy than usual.

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