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River Height Bulletins also give the height above or below the road bridge or causeway for each river station located near a road crossing.One of the simplest ways of understanding what the actual or predicted river height means is to compare the height given in the Warning or Bulletin with the height of previous floods at that location.They are sent to radio stations for broadcast, and to local Councils, emergency services and a large number of other agencies involved in managing flood response activities.Flood Warnings and River Height Bulletins are available via : Radio Radio stations, particularly the local ABC, and local commercial stations, broadcast Flood Warnings and River Height Bulletins soon after issue.The Mooloolah River system drains a relatively small catchment with an area of 196 square kilometres that extends 25 kilometres inland from the coast.It flows east-northeast from the Blackall Range, discharging to the sea between Mooloolaba and Point Cartwright.

Continuing increases in population have accentuated the potential flood risk to life and property, and this trend is unlikely to abate given the current growth in the area.Flood Warnings and River Height Bulletins contain observed river heights for a selection of the river height monitoring locations.The time at which the river reading has been taken is given together with its tendency (e.g. The Flood Warnings may also contain predictions in the form of minor, moderate or major flooding for a period in the future.The Bureau's Flood Warning Centre issues Flood Warnings and River Height Bulletins for the Maroochy River catchment during flood events.River height predictions are given when moderate flood levels are likely to be exceeded at Dunethin Rock or Picnic Point.

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Records dating back to 1893 indicate that major flooding has occurred fairly often in the Maroochy River.

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