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My mother and her friends were convinced that the Polish inmates were worse to the Hungarian Jews than ‘even the Germans’.At the same time, they developed a special bond with the Czech prisoners, who they regarded as ‘kind’.The Nazi guards used the policy of divide and rule to try to break down the inmates’ solidarity.Inciting inter-group rivalry amid intense suffering and hardship was predictably successful.Some of the POWs managed to pass on this information to international bodies like the Red Cross.

The Ravensbrück stories that I grew up with were about the everyday details of human survival in conditions that were predictably horrific, but also unpredictably arbitrary in the way the inmates were dehumanised, degraded and punished.

Although approximately 50,000 women were exterminated in Ravensbrück, the Nazis could not quite destroy the inmates’ human spirit.

While some prisoners behaved shamefully, even collaborating in the running of the camp, others did their utmost to protect as many of their fellow prisoners as they could.

f This Is A Woman, by Sarah Helm, is a well-researched and powerful account of Ravensbrück, the only Nazi concentration camp that was designed specifically for women.

Most historical accounts of Ravensbrück – such as Rochelle Saidel’s The Jewish Women of Ravensbrück Concentration Camp – tend to focus on specific groups of prisoners.

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Squabbles coexisted, then, with spontaneous acts of solidarity and defiance.

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