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The Ceres utilized the original BA2 cabin but with a unique front clip.

It was facelifted in 1995 when it received a new front clip with round headlights and new Kia logo.

Production of the truck started in 1980 and the van started in 1981.

Early Bongos had round headlights, although these were changed for square units in 1981.

The first Bongos also used "Kiamaster" logos rather than simply "Kia".

The Bongo originally came with the 2.2 liter "S2" engine with 70 PS (51 k W), although the 1.4 liter "UC" petrol engine was added in 1985. Between 19 the Bongo was sold as the "Power Bongo", to reflect an upgrade to the 80 PS (59 k W) 2.4 litre "SF" diesel engine.

Her father was a military man, and whenever he was reassigned the family had to move. “I was always the new girl.” Growing up Kia considered herself a tomboy. Of course I said yes.” Kia made friends with one of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends, Kendra Wilkinson, who put in a good word for her with the boss.

Friends and family urged her to try modeling, but she had no interest. She was living in Atlanta, where a stint at Hooters earned her a spread in the restaurant’s 2004 calendar as well as three Atlanta Dymes calendars and a role in a 50 Cent video. “I was supposed to stay for three days,” she says, “but I ended up staying at the Mansion for three months, and the Bunny House for another five.” Kia is a successful model and sports journalist in Los Angeles, and a successful DJ, too.

The Kia Bongo Frontier was originally available in RV or pickup trucks. The Bongo Frontier was one of the firsts Kia Motors cars to be exported to Europe and South America.

The Kia Ceres was a special agricultural version, a one-ton truck.

It shared a slightly longer front end with the Kia Titan.

"Frontier" was dropped from the name with this revision.

Kia has produced small and large trucks for the South Korean market for at least 25 years.

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