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[Verse 1] There are times every now and then I forget why I'm breathing out And why I'm breathing in And I get so sick with the little things I can't relax when they're happening To know what it means It means [Chorus] And then I open my eyes I know you're beating my heart, beating my heart Look at the sky I know you're beating my heart, beating my heart I go extra miles to show You are the one thing that I've got Look at the sky I know you're beating my heart, beating my heart [Verse 2] There's a sun coming over the horizon I wanna know where it's coming from But doesn't everyone It's like who am I and why am I here?

It is for this reason I wish to auction it at the end of my tour, to raise money for the people who are healing through music, traumatized children and adults, in Palestine. tour for the fusion pioneer and master of many styles.« God bless mother; I inherited music from her but I also inherited arthritis, so it’s creeping up on me, » Mc Laughlin tells Billboard.« I think one of the most catastrophic things that could happen would be to go on tour and have a really bad hair day where I’m not really able to play. I don’t want to get confronted with that situation, so I told the guys in the band, and some months ago, that this...I again visited Palestine in mid October to see the situation, and unfortunately, it has deteriorated. They are running out of funds, and the wonderful work they are doing will cease without additional support. John Mc Laughlin may very well be the master of reinventing himself, something that began long before it became trendy.Even if you have no desire for a guitar, you can always make a donation at the following website, no matter how small it may be, it will be received with profound gratitude. The 75-year-old British guitarist has focused predominantly on the wide-ranging genre of jazz, composing music and leading bands, but is known for meshing that with everything from flamenco to Indian classical music.

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I stocked up on my own necessities at the liquor store and beer distributor.

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