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Although it does undoubtedly underline some of the contradictions that arise when one man loves another, Christian charity demands that we do not overstress this, for love is love in whatever sphere it moves, and the love which Shakespeare describes in 1-126 seems to be infinitely more altruistic and self-giving than that of the poisonous love of the dark lady sonnets which conclude the sequence.

'You were created by Nature as a woman but more beautiful than any woman, for you do not have their faults.

Declarations of love abound in what follows, and this sonnet is not exceptional in that respect.

In fact it has more appeal as a display of ingenuity than as a deeply committed betrothal scene.

As KDJ points out, its placing here, as sonnet 20, probably relates to the primitive associations of the number with human anatomy, each human having 20 digits (fingers and toes) in all.

Clearly this might be one of the key sonnets which could unlock the secrets of Shakespeare's heart.

Our version of a Basic Whole Wheat Bread recipe is adopted from the classic cookbook, Beard on Bread Book (who acquired his recipe from Myrtle Allen, owner of Ballymaloe House, a country-house hotel near Cork, Ireland).

Sun-Dried Tomato Spread is a classic Italian treat and can be used on a piece of bruschetta or toasted bread, as a condiment for a sandwich with prosciutto cotto and provola, and even spooned into a sauce for added flavor.

Our version is made with, among other ingredients, homemade olive oil cured sun dried tomatoes, parsley, and red pepper flakes.

But let me have your real love, while women enjoy the physical manifestation of it, which I know to be merely a .

Since we are dealing here with letter occurrences it is worth investigating whether or not these are above average, and I set out below the comparisons for the average number of occurrences of these letters per sonnet (taking all the sonnets) compared with the number actually found in sonnet 20.

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