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Some 3,000 Chalcots residents face weeks in temporary accommodation after Camden Council leader Georgia Gould said the authority took the 'extraordinary action' to clear 600 flats because 'we are really clear that those four blocks are not safe'.London Fire Brigade inspecting officers identified concerns over the combination of external cladding, fire doors, gas pipes and insulation, she added.It comes as the Government has confirmed the number of high-rise buildings to fail combustibility tests has risen to 60 across 25 council areas.The number rose from 34 tower blocks across 17 local authorities.Ms Ryan, who shares her 22nd-floor flat in Dorney with her son, said the whole experience of the evacuation so far was 'disruptive' and said she has encountered problems.She said: 'I was bullied this morning trying to leave the building, he (the security guard) stood in front of the door and guys surrounded him and he said 'we need to know who you are'.'She said she was told by the man, who she has not seen before, that she could not take her animals outside.Up to 40,000 people from 34 tower blocks now face evacuation after cladding in 17 council authorities throughout England failed new fire tests.

Ms Gould committed £100,000 of council funds to pay for food and essential items residents may need, with the council having already spent £500,000 on hotel rooms for residents.

As the only designated means of escape, the staircase should have provided a haven from the smoke, however toxic air 'stacked' inside the tower's narrow spaces.

The wider safety announcement came after Communities Secretary Sajid Javid revealed all of the buildings that have so far submitted cladding samples have failed combustibility tests.

But despite being urged to leave by officials, around 20 households had refused to vacate their homes, in Taplow, Burnham, Bray and Dorney blocks, by Saturday evening.

On Sunday, Ms Gould said: 'This morning council staff will conduct further door knocking to ask those who remain to leave, and issue another letter reiterating to residents who are still remaining in the Taplow, Bray, Dorney and Burnham blocks, that they must leave.'By remaining in the blocks these residents risk delaying the work that is required and that we are undertaking to make these homes safe.'It is not safe to remain in these blocks and our residents' safety will continue to be the council's number one priority.'The Grenfell, in which at least 79 people are believed to have died, has raised questions about cheap, flammable cladding.

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Meanwhile, residents remaining in four tower blocks evacuated over fire safety concerns in the wake of the Grenfell Tower disaster will be told they 'must leave'.

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