Intimidating pinball

The unfortunate end result can be one-step-forward, three-steps-back. If you find one switch that may need adjustment or cleaning, resist the impulse, while you’re there, to go through and clean them all.

Until you become very familiar with a game’s architecture, it’s best to not poke around in areas that appear to be working properly.

if you need to pull the playfield up, power down the machine, lift the playfield, then turn the power on.

Some enthusiasts new to pinball repair often try to clean or work on the entire machine when addressing one specific issue.

Before turning the game on, go through the entire machine and make sure all the connectors are properly seated and nothing looks out of place.Invest in a reliable jack to raise and move your games. Take lots of pictures, before, during and after your work.If you unplug connectors or disassemble parts, take pictures of the way they were before from multiple angles.For solid-state machines, if you are lucky enough to have a vintage machine with no acid damage from batteries, don’t take any further chances.Install a remote battery pack, memory capacitor or other solution which will eliminate the problem.

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I like to keep a little book with each game that chronicles what I’ve done to the machine and its history.

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