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The species in the Viannia subgenus develop in the hind gut: L. The division into the two subgenera (Leishmania and Viannia) was made by Lainson and Shaw in 1987 on the basis of their location within the insect gut. This division has been confirmed by all subsequent studies. (V.) braziliensis has been proposed as the type species for this subgenus. Another proposes migration from the Americas to the Old World via the Bering Strait land bridge around 15 million years ago. Such migrations would entail subsequent migration of vector and reservoir or successive adaptations along the way. infantum from Mediterranean countries to Latin America (known as L. One theory proposes an African origin, with migration to the Americas.

chagasi), since European colonization of the New World, where the parasites picked up their current New World vectors in their respective ecologies. They independently visualised microscopic single-celled parasites (later called Leishman-Donovan bodies) living within the cells of infected human organs. however, the causative agent for the disease was only discovered in 1901 as a concurrent finding by William Boog Leishman and Charles Donovan. The subgenus Endotypanum is unique in that the parasites of this subgenus infect the erythrocytes of their hosts (sloths). herreri may belong to the genus Endotypanum rather than to Leishmania. Endotrypanum is also closely related and may also be moved to subgenus status within Leishmania.

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About 0.9-1.6 million new cases occur each year, and 21 species are known to cause disease in humans.

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