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Bare fordi du så duckfacet virke for en sød blondine, betyder det desværre ikke, at det kan udrette samme mirakler for dig, makker.

Vi sætter pris på kreativiteten, det gør vi virkelig.

At Blaaflat we are concerned with quality and taste.

Therefore, the fruit hangs on the trees for a long time so that they get all the sun they need to be sweet and succulent.

All our fruits are handpacked and hosted directly to you as a customer.

Okay, så du var cute som barn, men hvad skal jeg bruge det til nu?

We have expertise in mathematical analysis, modelling, and computation, as well as in small- and large-scale experimental techniques; we deploy, and indeed very often develop, the most up-to-date methods.Cervical disc prostheses induce significant amount of artifact in magnetic resonance imaging which may complicate radiologic follow-up after surgery.The purpose of this study was to investigate as to what extent the artifact, induced by the frequently used Discover Two neuroradiologists evaluated the images by consensus.titanium disc prosthesis in both 1.5 and 3 Tesla MR, makes interpretation of the spinal cord impossible and visualization of the root canals difficult at operated level.Adjusting the MR sequences to produce the least amount of artifact is important.].

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