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Yet widows are widely seen as “easy” because of their vulnerability (few men would marry a “used” woman), and white women are taunted with jeers like, “Do you like the f**king?” Several times, men on the street grabbed my waist or put their arm around my shoulder.Eager to carry the discussion further, I told him about the time I got so mad at a man who wouldn’t stop following me that I yelled, “Just because I’m white does not mean I want sex! Then he explained—self-evidently enough—that men see movies in which white girls show off their bodies and seem to revel in promiscuity.But he also gave a more surprising reason for men’s unabashed sexual aggression toward white girls: “Many women come here for sex.” It was not rare, he said, for older white women staying at his guesthouse to brazenly proposition him.See what all the buzz is about and download the Free app today for your i Phone or i Pad on Tunes at -americas-kandy-magazine/id680924522 and for your Android device on Google Play at In less than two years the Kandy magazine ipad, i Phone, Android and Kindle apps have been downloaded in more than 140 countries reaching all corners of the globe.As Sampath served me tea the next morning, he said, “I wanted to invite you to join us yesterday, but I know my friends try to hug you and kiss you. Men here, they see a white girl, they think bad things.” He scrunched up his nose.This was the first time I’d heard a Sri Lankan man openly address sexuality in a way that was not a come-on.

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Although I found it stifling to imagine being deprived of erotic intimacy outside of marriage—not to mention a fun night out once in a while—the comparatively extreme sexual freedom of the U. Our conversation had unmoored my beliefs about sexuality.

During my first few weeks backpacking around Sri Lanka, I’d felt uncomplicated rage at the general pattern of male/female dynamics, where girls’ virginity is tested before marriage and couples rarely do more than hold hands before their wedding day.

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